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So you have somehow managed to stumble across my About Me Page?! Therefore I shall make two assumptions:

  1. You're a lover of exotic travel.
  2. You're a lover of fitness.

If I have only got one of those two assumptions correct then I know we are going to have a real good time! I first launched this site in 2016 with the intent of it being another travel blog in the blogosphere talking about all things travel. The biggest mistake I made was too ignore my passion for everything fitness. I’ll be honest, it can be tough too stay in shape while travelling but its not impossible and I am going to show you how throughout this blog.

If you love cool stories, interesting tips and want some freebies then you are going to fit right in and feel at home here. I will be throwing all kinds of travel and fitness tips your way. This website will act as an informative, entertaining documentary of my travels, goals, thoughts and feels as they happen (or at least within a week of them happenings :D).

In a past life before travelling I was a Personal Trainer in one of Canary Wharfs flagship corporate gyms. All of the advice that I post on this website will come from my own knowledge and experiments that I have performed on both myself and my clients. I have competed in 2 physique competitions and personally transformed my body on numerous occasions.

It’s my passion. It’s what I do.

My love of travel came from the frustration of living an almost identical day each and every day. I came to the conclusion that whilst progressing within my own personal fitness goals, I had only a limited number of cool stories to tell. Sure bench pressing 160kg was pretty fun, but being in a Nepalese hospital for 3 days with 6 different diseases listening to the Nepalese army doing target practice about 50 meters away has made for a slightly more interesting story!

I am just like you. Yes you reading this. I was frustrated as hell with living my standard day to day life. I am now on a mission to create my own tailor made lifestyle and I am going to see what good ole mother nature has in store for me too!

Here are 2 good places to get you started:

  1. My Top 5 Tips on Staying Fit Whilst Travelling
  2. My vLOG with GI Joe whilst walking the Caminito Del Rey in Spain

Right, that sums that up! Must dash as I have some serious exploring to do!

Much Love,


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