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Bucket List Kodak Moment infront of uluru

This is my bucket list so far and I am pretty sure I am missing A LOT of things as it gets constantly chopped and changed as more ideas pop into my head or I see something pretty awesome on social media that definitely needs to be put on the list. I guess it’s a little all over the place in a semi orderly fashion……..a little like myself!

I’ve added some pictures and links to some of the things I have completed.

See my list of things I will complete by the end of 2017.


Camp in Alaska
Cliff diving
Climb a mountain on every continent
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Climb one of the 7 great summits
Complete the Inka trail
Explore the Temple of Ankor
Get the tattoos
✔ Go on safari
✔ Climb Mount Siguniang in China

2 men climbing a chinese mountain
Shark tank diving
✔ Step foot on a Volcano

walking on a volcano mt etna
Trek in the amazon rain forest
Trek the Himalayas
Visit all 7 wonders of the world
Watch the northern lights from an igloo
Witness the Serengeti’s great migration

Career + Finances

Financially stable by 35
Generate 2 passive streams of income
Hold an investment portfolio
Own a restaurant
Own a tailor made suit
Run a successful online business


Set up a fitness charity event
Sponsor a child
Start a charity
Volunteer in a disaster zone
Work in a homeless shelter for Christmas


✔ Create a blog
Learn to play the drums
Learn to play the piano
Paint a picture

Entertainment & Events

Attend a foam party
Attend a games convention in japan
Attend a masquerade
Day of the dead festival
Go to Comicon
✔ Go wine tasting in the Barossa Valley
Join a flash mob
Rio carnival
✔ Spend New Year in a different country every year

prague for new years eve
Ultra in Croatia
✔ Vlog travels
Watch an England Rugby Game
Watch the ashes

Food + Drink

✔ Chinese tea ceremony

Chinese Tea Ceremony
Compete in a food eating competition
Do a food eating challenge in America
Drink snake venom alcohol
✔ Eat Italian ice cream in Sicily
✔ Eat camel
✔ Eat frog legs
✔ Eat kangaroo
✔ Eat MoMo's
✔ Eat posh chocolates
Eat something strange in everyplace
✔ Eat the fruit of a cactus
Make honey from a bee hive
Make jam
Take a pizza making class in Italy

Just for Fun

✔ Camp on a mountain
Clean a beach
Complete an obstacle course
✔ Cook Christmas dinner for the family
Feed the swimming pigs in Exuma Bahamas
✔ Fly in a Helicopter
✔ Fly in a small aircraft

sitting in a small plane flying over Everest

✔ Gamble in Vegas
✔ Get given a Chinese Name
Go mountaineering
Go skinny dipping
High five a stranger walking down the street
✔ Hold a Koala
✔ Hold a Snake
Hot air ballooning
✔ Make Sushi
✔ Ride a Camel
✔ Ride a Horse in the sea
✔ See a shooting star
See the sunset in the ocean in a canoe
Sky diving
✔ Sleep under the stars
Smoke a Cuban in Cuba
✔ Swim with Dolphins
Swim with turtles
Visit Hobbiton
✔ Watch a space ship take off
Water fight in Thailand

Personal Growth

Become a mentor
Find a mentor
Give a ted talk
Learn French in Canada
Learn Spanish in South America
Meditate with monks
Public speech
Study again
Volunteer locally
Write a letter to my future self
Write my Eulogy

Sports + Activities

1 more bodybuilding competition
Be a sponsored Athlete in the fitness industry
Compete in a physique competition
Complete a 100km bike ride
Complete a sprint triathlon
Complete an obstacle challenge
Do a muscle up
✔ Downhill mountain bike riding
Fight camp in Thailand
✔ Go Canoeing

canoeing across lake phewa
✔ Go abseiling
Go ice fishing
Go paintballing
Go rock climbing
Go snowboarding
Join a rugby team
Run/walk the great wall of China marathon
✔ Snorkel
Watch an NBA game
Watch an NFL game
Watch and England football match
Wrestle in a sumo suit


Cycle across a country
✔ Go to New York
✔ Go to Vegas
Go to the airport and buy a random ticket
✔ Hike along Kings Canyon
✔ Ride in a Yellow Cab
✔ See the Empire State Building

empire state building
✔ See the Grand Canyon
✔ See the Statue of Liberty
✔ Touch Uluru

selfie with uluru
Trans-Siberian Railway
✔ Visit Fraser Island
✔ Visit Kata Tjuta
Visit the Galapagos isles
Visit the holy land
Visit the lost city